Friday, May 9

the nerve test was very surreal. basically, they just sat there and gave me electrical shocks to my hands/wrists/elbows for 20 minutes. and i thanked them when i left! how strange that we thank doctor-y people for toturing us, when really i wanted to deck her afterwards, if i could get my hands to cooperate....

i hate web based email. its just an annoying way to interface with email.

Thursday, May 8

ahhhhhhhh, good news. such a relief to have that settled. now i have to find a school to work in, but there are lots around here.

tomorrow i visit the neurologist to get a nerve test done on my wrists. surgery is looming--i may be leaving the land of the primates for a few days. thank god for interns at work!

Monday, May 5

yah so if the interview went so great why haven't i heard from them? i had a brief email exchange about scheduling follow-up interviews with potential mentor teachers. i think this is in the works, which means i'm in, but they haven't actually *said* i'm in, which i guess i need to see in print. i'm not good at the limbo parts of life. i'm very much a "J" on the meyer's-briggs.

the car is fantastic. i'm still not sure if i like knitting--some days i want to break the needles or stab someone with them. it is portable. actually, at this point, that's its only asset.

going to portland, or next week to see the family. probably will stress me out, but that's what family is for!

Monday, April 21

i don't know *why* i was nervous about my interview this morning. i could have pooped on their desks and they would have loved me! they adored me! this is as it should be. looks like i'll be attending the upper valley teacher institute this fall. now i just need to get the feds to hand over some grants to pay for this....

Saturday, April 19

i just bought a 99 VW golf TDI. its so cute and it runs like a dream!
ok, gotta go back out and drive some more...

Thursday, April 10

is it inevitable that my toenails are just going to get thicker and harder to cut as i age? no one warned me about this. no one warned me about chest hair either. i knew i'd "mature" into an ever-increasing beard and mustache, but i didn't realize i'd start sprouting inch long hairs from my chest. granted, they are very fine and soft and blond (and really not visible except in just the right lighting), but still.

i got a call from a teaching credential program i applied for. after 2 teaching-related rejections this spring, i was starting to get a little nervous! but this is a normal school, the kind you pay; i'd forgotten that when i'm paying them, the admissions go a little easier. i have an interview in two weeks. i really need to get a car that runs.

Monday, April 7

i borrowed my friend's car and drove an hour to the nearest knitting store, only to find they are closed mon and tues! this definitely qualifies as a bad week. however, this gallery that i want to get my weaving into apparently is really looking for a weaver to showcase, since they have none! the pressure is on!